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It is essential to review the characteristics of each model to buy the rangefinder that fits your needs.

Here we are going to make a reflection on the different characteristics of the meters of distance for hunting. We started, that there is much theme!

Characteristics of hunting rangefinders
Laser Precision
It is considered an accuracy of 1m +/- the acceptable in laser meters for hunting. The more accurate the distance reading the rangefinder tells us, the better our shooting experience will be.
LCD screen
It is important that the device ensures a correct visualization of the data in pantallo, even in situations of poor visibility.
Goal Setting
This function serves to ensure that the target is not lost once it is located. Medium-high range function.
The effective maximum range will vary from telemeter rangefinder. From 500 to 1,500 meters, there is a fork, we must choose according to our hunting habits.

Camcorder laser pointer hunting

5. Model
Hunting rangefinders were initially developed for long-range rifle shooting, but today we find many models for bow hunting, for example. Before buying a laser gauge to hunt, you have to think about our needs.

6. Designing

Vertical vs. Horizontal: Some models are designed with a vertical orientation, for hand use, and others are horizontal, requiring both hands to operate accurately.

This is really a personal preference, but with vertical models you will get a much smaller device, and it will be convenient if you do not want to carry too much weight when you go hunting.

On the other hand, the horizontal models are larger, but they tend to have a capacity of more reach.

7. Zoom

In specific models for hunting, we find increases from 4x to 8x. The more you gain more clarity but the smaller field of view, so you have to weigh these two factors when choosing.

As always, we recommend taking a look at the buyers' opinion of the products, it is the best way to know what you are going to buy.

Our recommendation: 4x increases for short distance hunters or bow hunting. Higher increases for long distance hunters.

8. Angle compensation

Most manufacturers of hunting rangefinders offer an angle compensation function. This function counts the angle of your current location and will give a more accurate distance to the lens than models that do not incorporate angle compensation technology. Bushnell calls this function ARC (angle compensation range) and Nikon ID (incline / decline).

Our recommendation: suitable for buyers who hunt in places with a lot of unevenness. In flat, it is not a function that is used a lot.

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The two reference marks are Bushnell and Nikon. Bushnell Rangefinders

Hunting laser meter
Features of Bushnell laser gauges for hunting
ARC - The most current models are equipped with ARC (Angle Compensation) technology that is able to determine the angle of the shot. Within the ARC function there are two secondary modes: bow and rifle.

VSI - Variable Sight

It is an additional feature in Rifle Mode for some, but not all Bushnell rangefinders. The VSI feature is also composed of ballistic boards to choose a path that best suits your shot. Allows manual configuration.

Target location

Sometimes, during the use of a laser rangefinder, it will locate the target next to an object, for example a deer and the tree behind it.

Some Bushnell rangefinders are equipped with selectable target priority modes: locate the nearest or farthest target.

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Take a look at the selection of Bushnell Distance Measurers in our hunting products.

Range finders Nikon
Nikon knows what it does with optics. World leader in many sectors of optics, has entered with force in the sport optics. With models more sober than the Bushnell and a more adjusted price, manufactures laser meters, telescopes, binoculars and hunting ranges of very good quality.

If you buy a Nikon rangefinder you will generally be purchasing a product with a first-class optics, easy to use and very sturdy.

Features of Nikon laser meters for hunting
NikonTrue-Target hunting laser rangefinder Many range finders in the Nikon range are equipped with a Tru-Target function, essentially the Nikon version of Bushnell's target location function.

Units equipped with this function can be set to report the closest or most distant object in case of reading two targets (hunting and tree, for example =

Diopter Adjustment These rangefinders are known for the great flexibility in diopter adjustment. In simple terms, the diopter setting is the amount of focus range the optics have. The Nikon rangefinders are equipped with +/- 4, which is twice as many as the Bushnell rangefinders.

Angle meter.

Very simple interface and easy to use.

Versatility: Most distance meters from the Nikon Hunting range have a 6x magnification, which usually make them very suitable for either archery or bow hunting.

In addition, models like the Riflehunter series can be used for either bow or rifle hunting without having to switch to an "arc" or "rifle" mode.

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